Who Likes Turkey?

On Wednesday, Ted and I went for my post-operative doctor’s appointment to hear more about how the surgery went and to make a plan for future treatment.  As I said earlier, my doctor found some pretty advanced endometriosis.  It was such a shock to me since I have none of the symptoms.  I think it was quite a surprise for him too.  However, it made me so happy that I had chosen to go the surgical route rather than wait and try hormone treatments.  He was able to clean up most of the endometriosis, and since I have no symptoms (pain, heavy bleeding), we are choosing to move forward with fertility treatments rather that dealing solely with the endometriosis.  It will come back in about a year…but hopefully by then I will be pregnant!  Lucky for me, pregnancy will “cure” my endometriosis.  Who knew?

Now for the plan.  We talked about a couple of different options, but my doctor highly recommend we go with high-dose clomid and double artificial insemination, so that’s what we chose.  What does that mean?  Hell, I’m not even sure, but it goes something like this…

Days 2-4 — Ultrasound and blood work

Days 5-9 — Take clomid to stimulate ovulation

Days 10-13 — Ultrasound and blood work

Day 14 or 15 — Ted gives me an HCG injection in my ass to mature eggs (or something)

12 hours after HCG — Artificial insemination.

36 hours after HCG — Second artificial insemination

Day 21 — More blood work

Day 28 — Pregnancy test

Repeat if necessary.

So, we’re going to do this for the next three months and see if we get pregnant.  Let’s just get all of those turkey baster jokes out of the way now.  Personally, I’m planning on bringing my own turkey baster to the inseminations, just in case theirs are all dirty!

After our appointment, Ted and I went out to lunch.  I was still feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the information that had just been dumped in my lap when Ted said, “In 40 days, we could be pregnant.”  Whoa.  I still get teary just thinking about that.

Before my surgery, my lovely friend Jen gave me a bracelet she had made with a tiny charm that says, “Believe.”  For the first time in forever, I actually believe that getting pregnant is possible.  It’s exciting, overwhelming, scary, and exhilarating.  Mostly, it’s nice to actually believe that we could be finding out we’re pregnant before Thanksgiving.

My current face of infertility.


  1. I’m glad to hear that you guys got some very positive news from the surgery and I’m rooting for you two!

  2. Sooooooo….when you get pregnant with a million babies can I have one?


  3. Aww, that’s so great! The end is in site!! Good luck with it all!

  4. Lights at the end of the tunnel are always a good thing! I’m so excited for both of you and have goosebumps after reading this =)

  5. Wow! That’s surprising to hear about your endometriosis, especially if your doctor wasn’t expecting it. But the best news is that getting pregnant will cure it!

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed for you Erin!

  7. It IS possible! I believe, too!

  8. Now THAT sounds like a plan! I’m so excited to hear how everything goes. Definitely a believer over here! 🙂

  9. Glad you got some answers! You are a much braver person than I, that all sounds incredibly scary!

  10. YAY so happy for you! i have a seriously good feeling about this 🙂

  11. Sending happy thoughts to you and Ted! It will happen!

  12. I do believe you can get pregnant too!!:)

    Happy to see your picture smiling in the end..

  13. I’m so happy you have such a positive attitude!! Sometimes, I think that a little positivity can go a long way. Good luck 🙂

  14. I’m so happy for the plan! Just make sure you are still pregnant when I get married so you can carry the ring bearer pillow on your big belly!

  15. I’m so happy this is beginning to all work out for you & Ted. I wish you nothing but the best and quickly getting pregnant!! My fingers are crossed for you!

  16. Yay! That is so exciting that you may be pregnant soon!!! I am still praying for you guys and I hope everything goes well 🙂

  17. Aww, Erin, this post just made me smile. It makes me SO happy to know that for the first time in a long time, you’re believing that you WILL be pregnant soon. (: And I hope all this works for you.

    Gah. It’s hard to believe in such a short time, you might be pregnant! Sending you positive thoughts and prayers!

  18. Btw, I left you a surprise on my blog 🙂

  19. Yay!! This is SO exciting!
    And btw, love = giving someone ass injections to mature their eggs.

  20. This is great news, Erin! Fingers crossed!!!

  21. SO HAPPY for this! Fingers crossed on this, I’m so happy you guys have a certain course of action now and that you know what’s up! =D

  22. Oh Erin!!! I love this face, and I hope that soon we see your “I’m having a baby!!!” face!!

    I’m so glad that things are looking up a bit–you’re always in my thoughts! Keep us posted! xo

  23. You know what? I wish we could hang out every week.

    I know that doesn’t have anything to do with this post, but… oh well.

  24. Good luck– I will be keeping you in my thoughts all month.

    and congrats on the 20sb win!

  25. This is WONDERFUL.

  26. hello fellow erin!
    just wanted to let you know i finally did move on over to wordpress… my new site is http://www.erinuncensored.wordpress.com

  27. Erin! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and didn’t realize that you were the Erin I’d be working with on the Next Gen stuff! I just wanted you to know that I’m excited to meet you (whenever that happens) and I think you’re so brave. I sincerely hope your journey turns out the way you want it to. Good Luck!!

  28. It’s always great to read a blog where someone is clearly happy. Yay happy! I’ll keep my thoughts and hopes with you hun. Best of luck. And maybe, hopefully, in a few weeks, you’ll be sharing the news right here for all of us.

    So glad I wandered over here one day. Your optimism is amazing.

  29. Oooh, I like the sound of this plan very much! In my completely uninformed opinion, it sounds like it has a really good chance of getting the internets some adorable mini Erins and mini Teds!

  30. I’m way behind on the reader so just not getting to say that I am SO happy that things are finally starting to move along for you. This face of infertility photo made me smile too 🙂

  31. Frist off Congrats on being 20SB of the month. Second: I’m going to pray many prayers and cross as many body parts as possible for you.

    Love this days photo!

  32. It’s my first visit to your blog. I am touched by the presentation of your feelings & events happening in your life in words.

    I shall keep you in my prayers & wish you both the very best in the days to come.
    Good Luck!

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