The Face of Infertility — Days 23-1

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Day 23

Day 24

Day 25

Day 26

Day 27

Day 28

Day 1…again

So, in case you aren’t familiar with the female cycle, I started my period.  That means I definitely get to have scary, awful surgery in addition to not being pregnant.  Yuck.  Thanks for joining me in this little project.  I’m not going to keep taking daily photos, because I don’t think we need another 6 months of mopey pictures.  I will still take the occasional photo to post, though, when big things happen, etc.


  1. This is such a beautiful project that you started Erin, I hope you keep taking these for yourself and even show a monthly re-cap. This has been an extremely elegant way of underlining what you are experiencing these days. <3

  2. I love, LOVE day 23!
    But sadness on Day 1 🙁 I am so sorry you have to have surgery, that is no fun at all. I hope that this will finally lead you to the path of motherhood. You’ll be in my prayers!

  3. I like day 23 but day 1 made me sad. I’m sorry, Erin. Hang in there, I’ll be praying and wishing you luck for the surgery.

  4. It will happen, lady, you’re not out of options yet!

  5. Aww, I agree with Kyla. This is a beautiful project and I think you should continue this. Hopefully it won’t be much longer. You’re definitely in my prayers & thoughts!

  6. I like the project myself. I would like it even better if you got your wish though. I’m sorry it hasn’t happened yet, but feel certain it will soon.

  7. Oh Erin… I’m so sorry. I so hope things work out for you soon!! xo

  8. I know the disappointment, but I’m so glad that you have options. I’m a nurse, and surgery doesn’t have to be so scary! They will really take care of you.

  9. Erin, I’m so sorry to hear that Day 1 arrived 🙁 I’ll be thinking of you on the 23rd and praying for everything to go smoothly. Best wishes!!

  10. You’re gorgeous Erin. Even if you stop doing this project, please know I’ll never stop thinking about it, and you.

  11. You are such a brave girl, m’dear. You are in my daily thoughts.


  12. I’m sorry! It’s always the worst feeling when it shows up…

  13. See THIS is why I need internet at home – viewing this on my bb I absolutely couldn’t see the sadness that is Day 1. So sorry 🙁

  14. Stopped over to view your blog after so many people voted for you to be the featured blogger for October and this post was just heartbreaking! I now need to read your archives but I’m so sad for you right now!

  15. I’m so sorry, Erin. I was so hoping a month ago when you posted the first picture that by now we’d be seeing a much happier picture…as I’m sure you were, too. 🙁

  16. Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of yourself, life and marriage with us. Sending many prayers your way for a quick & speedy recovery from the surgery.

  17. Erin, thanks again for sharing this with us. My favorite this wee? Day 23. Why? Because it’s so clear that you have love in your life, and that is so huge. Hugs!

  18. Thinking of you!

  19. Oh, Erin. I’m thinking of you and hoping the surgery works out wonderfully and helps. You’re so brave to be documenting this, and I wish I lived closer to you because I’d love to help document your journey. And document the wonderful things to come.

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