I Saw Your Face Today

I saw your face today while I was driving. 

I saw your face in the rear view mirror. 

I couldn’t see your eyes, but I’d know that double chin anywhere. 

Not the bullfrog double-chin from the steroids. Just your regular dad double-chin. 

I couldn’t be certain, but I’m pretty sure you were wearing one of your shirts with boats or fish or some other nauticalness. 

I saw your face today and couldn’t tear my eyes away. 

I kept checking the mirror to make sure it was you. It was. Even though I know you’d never drive a Prius. 

I saw your face today and immediately my mind began telling you everything I’ve wanted to say since I last saw you. 

I saw your face today and my eyes filled with tears. 

But also…

I saw your face today and it made me smile. 


  1. Weeeeeeeping. Oh, Erin. I hope my kids think of me this way when I’m gone. So many hugs.

  2. Powerful. What a moment.

  3. Beautiful. I have goosebumps.


  4. All the love, Erin. It must have been heart-breaking and magical at the same time. I am glad you got to “see him” again 🙂

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