I Simply Remember My Favorite Things #sol15

Earl Grey tea with just a splash of milk.

The moment Harry finds out he’s a wizard.

Freshly painted toenails.

Colorful tights.

The sound of a train just as I’m falling asleep.

Freshly laundered sheets.

Photos of my dad.

Belting out “Sweet Caroline.”

Blush, lipstick, and mascara.

Scrolling through Instagram.

The words, “Out for delivery.”

The moment before you start a new book.

Really hot showers.

Two little girls snuggled on my lap.

Dresses with pockets.

Fruity wine.

Staying in pajamas all day long.

Hugs from Ted.

The first sandal day of the year.

Reading in the backyard.


  1. Simply delicious and delightful. You captured it.
    I could write to that line, “the moment before you start a new book.”

  2. Love this! Hot showers are my religion, they make everything better.

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