When Life Hands You Lemons #sol15

First, Charlotte got pneumonia.

Then, Evelyn ended up taking a trip to the ER at midnight.  Croup.

Of course, I was the next sick one.

During all of this we were scrambling to determine a new childcare situation, buy an additional set of car seats, and a more reliable car for Ted’s long drive to work.

It was crazy, but we were muddling through.

Then Monday happened.  On Monday, Ted and I were out enjoying a kid-free afternoon when the universe decided we needed a whole basket of lemons.

Ted’s new job fell through.

We are picking up the pieces and moving on as best we can, but we are still reeling.

Thankfully, Ted will be able to go back to his position with Trader Joe’s.  Not much will change other than we are now paying more for childcare than we were previously.

Everything will be ok.  But this was a tough blow for our family.

When life hands you lemons, sometimes the only thing to do is snuggle up with tea and a book.

  When life hands you lemons, sometimes the only thing to do is get froyo.

 When life hands you lemons, sometimes the only thing to do is take goofy selfies.

So, that’s what we are doing.  We have our home and our health and each other.  Everything will be just fine.

But…I’d like to avoid the lemons for a little while.


  1. Ugh. What a rough patch.
    I never thought of taking silly selfies for the comic relief. Tea and a book have brought me through many lonely, hard times. I could write an ode to tea and book.

    You have all the really important stuff. And such a great attitude.

  2. Ugh, when it rains, it pours.
    2015 hasn’t been off to the greatest start for many people and I can only hope it’ll have some aces up its sleeves!

  3. That sucks, period. I think fro-yo and silly selfies are appropriate coping mechanisms. I hope things take a turn for the better soon!

  4. Oh my word…what a time you’ve had! Lawsy.

    Dear Universe, NO MORE LEMONS! KTHXBYE!


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