An Exciting New Change #sol15

Oops!  I missed posting yesterday, but to be fair we got some exciting new around here.  Ted got a new job!! Always exciting, right?  For us, though, the most exciting part of this new job is that it means more time for us together as a family.  Ted has worked in retail management for the entirety of our marriage, and it has always meant needing to be creative about finding time together.  When the girls were born, we took advantage of him being able to work nights and weekends so that we could pay less for childcare.  At the time, it was a lifesaver, and we’ve made it work for years now.  Still, over the past year, it has really begun to wear on both of us.  We have no days off together, he solos with the girls most mornings and I solo with them most nights.  It’s hard to be the only parent at home and it’s hard to miss your partner so much.  But all of that is about to change!

Ted’s new job will have him home every evening, and he will only work Saturdays on the weekends.  We will have a whole family day every week!  Family dinners!  Family stories at bedtime!  I can’t tell you how happy this makes my heart.  There are going to be some new sacrifices, for sure.  It’s a long drive for him and we will need to figure out some additional childcare.  But his new salary will more than cover the additional childcare costs and the regular time we will get together as a family is priceless.

I feel so lucky that our careers have allowed us to be home as much as possible with our girls while still carrying two full time jobs, but I am so ready for us to be together as a family more often.

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  1. This is great news! It is very important to be together as much as possible as a family.

  2. Terrie DeHaan says:


  3. Congratulations and what a blessing for your family! It is so difficult when your partner works long hours and you’re solo with the kids, so I can imagine how much of a positive change this will be for you!

  4. What a wonderful blessing! I wish you all the best as you enjoy your family time. 🙂

  5. Congratulations to all of you! What an exciting time. I love how the lengths of your sentences capture your enthusiasm and excitement and ease us into an explanation of the background for this celebration and them amp up again for all that this means to you and your family. Well done!

  6. Yay! As a single mom, I cherished working in a school so that I could have time with more daughter when it was my night or weekend! It is so wonderful that all of you will get to be together more often! Yay for family time!

  7. Hurray for more family time together!

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