Is This Thing On?

My mind has been very full lately, and I’m sure this is what has lead to my recent itch to blog.  It’s been a while, huh?  Tonight, the desire was so strong that I just had to sit down and get some words out.  But then I got stuck…what should I write about?

Should I write about how much I’m learning at my new job?  How it’s crazy and fun and exhausting?  How it makes me wonder if I want to go back to the classroom?

Or should I write about my recently developed crush on Sir Ken Robinson and how I repeatedly watch videos of him on YouTube just to listen to him talk sexy about things like technology and transforming education?

Should I write about my voracious appetite for books and that I can’t stop reading?  Which of the 72 books I’ve read so far this year should I talk about?

Maybe I should write about how this boy said something to me in high school that I still think about regularly?

Or should I write about how my daughters are suddenly three YEARS old and sometimes my mommy heart can’t take how amazing they are?  Or about how sometimes they drive me batshit insane?

Should I write about my recent addiction to colored tights and coffee?

So, I pondered all of these writing possibilities and decided to take a bath instead of writing.  But then I got out of the tub and still wanted to write, so I just wrote all of this nonsense because sometimes you’ve just got to let the words out.

Maybe my next post will be more cohesive…


  1. I reckon you should write about all those things. I’d read it. I think it’d make for interesting reading. Cohesive posts are ok, but nothing wrong with those that aren’t as much. Rambles are good. (I do that a lot…)
    By the way, I am serious. I thinlk you should write about those things. 🙂

  2. You have really inspired me with the reading. I’m all, “If Erin, who has a full-time job, is a wife, and a mom of twins can read… I can too!”

  3. Here and reading! And enjoy that bath too.

  4. Baths are always nice! And I’m still here. And apparently your blog still remembers my username.. from 2 name changes ago. Lol!

  5. I’ve just started blogging again, too! After several months of not having any interest, I finally started feeling that itch again.

    I would like to hear about everything you mentioned! Sounds like life is crazy and fulfilling 🙂

  6. I want to know about what the boy said to you in high school. And also about the colored tights. I really shouldn’t be buying clothes for myself right now, so I’d like to live vicariously through you and your super-cute outfits, if that’s okay.

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