The First Day

Tomorrow should be my first day back at work after summer vacation, but it’s not.

Tomorrow I will be sitting at home, resting up with my girls.

Tomorrow I won’t get to put on a cute new outfit and see all the people I’ve missed all summer.

Tomorrow I won’t get to sit through boring meetings while being filled with excitement about my students’ starting next week.

Tomorrow I won’t get to call families and introduce myself or scramble to set up my room.

Tomorrow I will miss the first day of school.

Tomorrow I won’t get to be a teacher.

In case it’s not clear, I’m incredibly sad about this.  I love my job.  Really.  I psychotically love my job, and I’m a bit broken up about missing the start of the school year.  I have been looking forward to professional interactions, meeting families, and awkward little preschooler hugs all summer.  It just feels so strange to think that this year is starting without me.  I feel a bit like I’m stuck in time while the rest of the world keeps turning.  It’s odd.

Now, obviously, I am very happy to stay home and do what is best for my girls.  I hope it’s understood that I’m not implying in any way that I’d rather risk their health than stay home.  My girls are my number one priority…but that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel sad about missing out on something I’m so passionate about.


  1. I can understand that, totally. But I suppose everything will work out its own way – maybe it’s a positive thing that the kids will start with one face and stay with that one face for the next few months while you’re off, rather than getting familiar with you as their teacher & then losing you when you went off on leave. It’s the mark of a great teacher when they feel the way that you do.. and I’m so pleased that when the time comes, you’ll be able to go back to YOUR job & start afresh! x

  2. Awww… I’m sure they will miss you, too.

  3. Oh Erin I am so sorry! I totally understand what you mean and I know it would make me really sad too. Hang in there and know that you will be missed at your school and that you will get to go back eventually. *hugs and prayers*

  4. I completely understand. I remember it well – the feeling of confusion as you lay there and the world keeps moving forward without you. I did that, lived in that weird world, for 11 weeks. But it will be worth it, all of it, when your precious girls are here and safe in your arms. Hang in there…sending hugs.

  5. Oh, this is so frustrating, and of COURSE you have a physically active job that bedrest doesn’t allow you to do. (If I were on bedrest I could still do pretty much all of my work, especially since I work from home… double-edged sword, I suppose.) But it’s great that you love your job so much and when you’re done with your maternity leave the transition back to work will be easier for you thanks to your obvious passion for your work. And hey, when you go back to work everyone else will be in the mid-year slump and you’ll be fresh and excited!

  6. I really can’t think of anything else to say other than… I’m sorry. And not in an “I pity you” sort of way, but in a genuine, heart-felt sort of way.

  7. I am sure your kids and their families are going to miss you, too. Every child should be so lucky to have a passionate teacher like you. And your girls are so lucky, too, because I am sure you are putting that same passion into motherhood. Take care of yourself and your girls!

  8. If anyone thinks you’re implying anything different in this post, they’re idiots. Of course you’re doing what’s right for you & your daughters, but you’re allowed to miss the other things you love! Let yourself wallow a bit… & then remember that next year you’ll be back in action on the first day. And that in a few years, you’ll be not just getting ready for the first day of school as a teacher, but as a mom whose kids are on their way to class! Crazy. 🙂

  9. It’s understandable that you would be torn up about this. You love your job and you are good at what you do! Just because you know you are doing the right thing doesn’t mean you can’t be sad about missing out on the first day of school. I know your kiddies are going to miss you, too. Hang in there, girl.


  10. I can’t imagine missing the beginning of the school year. That’s got to stink. But at least you have YOUR job back, the one that you wanted and that’s amazing!

  11. You’re a passionate person in the very best way possible so this makes sense to me! I’d be sad too if I loved my job as much as you do. Thinking of you!

  12. I love that you’re so passionate about your job, but so sorry you’re missing out on this important part of the school year. So worth it, though!

  13. I don’t blame you! I would be bummed out, too. Don’t feel bad for taking time to mourn missing this time.

  14. You sound like such a committed teacher and are clearly passionate about what you do. Just remind yourself that by taking care of you and your girls today, it will mean you’ll get to show them off at school in the not-too-distant future.

  15. I’m sorry that you can’t teach right now but I’m glad you are thinking about the girls first.

    I’m in school right now to become a teacher and I even felt a pang of jealousy of all the teachers starting up today.

  16. I’m a little late, so I am sorry you couldn’t be there yesterday. But there are some things you can do so your kids and parents know you. Maybe write little notes to send to their homes? Introduce yourself, include a small photo so their child can know who their teacher will be down the road. Explain you had to take an early maternity leave, but very much look forward to meeting their kids. Something like that.

  17. I’m sorry that you are going to have to miss out, but I’m sure that it will be worth it in the end! 🙂

    Will your school have to hire a substitute until after the girls are born and after your maternity leave?

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