We’ve all been in awkward situations before, but I have to say that, this week, my life seems to be one giant awkward moment.  Let’s talk about things that are awkward, shall we?

Awkward is…

  • interviewing for positions you don’t really want to get.
  • knowing that someone got fired so you could go on these interviews.
  • having the employee that got fired sitting in on your interview.
  • having your friends and coworkers all applying for the same positions.
  • sitting in the waiting room next to other teachers who are applying for the same positions.
  • interviews with principals and staff who loved the staff member that you could be replacing.
  • interviews with principals and staff who think that your current program is basically daycare and that you are basically a babysitter.
  • interviewing for a position knowing that you will run back to your job if given the chance.
  • interviewing for a position while trying to hide your baby bump.

I’m tired of the awkward.


  1. Dont hide that baby bump!

    Also, pictures of the baby bump?

  2. that definitely is awkward. having the ex-employee sitting in for the interview? Why? I hope everything works out though.
    .-= Maggie´s last blog ..Under Contract =-.

  3. Definitely awkward…
    .-= Suburban Sweetheart´s last blog .."The only man a girl can trust is her daddy." =-.

  4. That sounds completely awkward all around!
    I second the question about baby bump pictures!
    .-= Tracie´s last blog ..-Embrace the Tape =-.

  5. I mean, I definitely have the short end of the stick on this, but I feel bad for you, too…changing positions sounds awful, especially when you love yours.

    Also, please more baby bump pictures. Hope you’re feeling okay.
    .-= Amy — Just A Titch´s last blog ..I’m Not =-.

  6. I am sorry Erin, I can’t imagine. That would be horribly awkward and incredibly frustrating having someone not realize all the wonderful work you do.

  7. Woah, that’s just… that just takes all the awkward you could imagine and ramps it up a couple hundred notches! I’m so sorry, that’s ridiculous. <3
    .-= Kyla Roma´s last blog ..Working & Learning & Finding Teachers =-.

  8. I hate when people think that special ed is a babysitting service and use it that way. Those kids with disabilities have just as much promise and possibility as any other kid.
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..On Church =-.

  9. It is just one giant awkward week. I just want this all to be over soon!
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Julie and Julia and Meat =-.

  10. That sounds incredibly awkward. I am so sorry, Erin!

  11. Whoa, incredibly awkward. I hope all of this interviewing crap is over soon and they just let you get your old job back!
    .-= Al´s last blog ..IVF bound? =-.

  12. I’m so sorry you have to deal with that.

    Good luck Erin…everything will work out.
    .-= Ashley´s last blog ..Getting Healthy: week 2 =-.

  13. They allow the former employee to sit in on the interview? That seems so bizarre. And what exactly is the purpose of that?
    .-= MinD´s last blog ..Tuneage Tuesday — “Slam Dunk Da Funk” =-.

  14. this whole process sounds so awful. i don’t even understand why y’all have to interview for jobs that they had qualified people in, then took out and stuck other people in to *hugs* i hope it gets easier (and today’s interview doesn’t suck as bad)
    .-= michelle´s last blog ..two places at once? =-.

  15. I’m sorry honey 🙁 That does suck. A lot.
    .-= Kari´s last blog ..Why o why? =-.

  16. I’d be uncomfortable in all of those situations! Power to you for going through it all. <3 you.
    .-= Nora´s last blog ..Whelmed =-.

  17. Ugh, I feel for you Erin. Your whole situation just sucks, and I hate you’re going through all this. I’m sorry 🙁
    .-= Andrea´s last blog ..1st Round Results Are In =-.

  18. Ugh, all of those moments sound awful =( *HUGS*
    .-= Camile´s last blog ..Writer’s Block =-.

  19. Ouch, that does sound awkward! Hopefully it’ll be over soon and everything will have worked out for the best. Good luck! 🙂

  20. totally agree with you -___- but anyway, best of luck for you through those awkward things! xoxo
    .-= mezo´s last blog ..letter to God. =-.

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