Scenes from a Monday

“Hey mom!  Um, my hair is feeling kind of dirty, so I think we need to take a bath.  But just a playing bath, not a washing hair bath, ok?  Does that sound good?”

I get a bath ready for my formerly bath-hating girls so they can splash around like mermaids for a bit.  I go to sit down and as soon as my butt hits the tile, “Um, mommy?  Can you go do some laundry or something?”

That’s kid-code for, “Please get out of the bathroom so we can splash like crazy and you won’t get mad.”


“Oh!  Mommy!  I need to tell you a question about my birthday.  In five days it’s going to be my birthday and I’m going to be five years old so that means I’m growing up fast.  At my Strawberry Shortcake birthday it will be summer and it will be a party at our house not at dance class.  I think I’ll get green eyes for my birthday so I can be like Real Strawberry Shortcake.  And Wyatt is going to bring me a Real Pupcake and Real Custard that will make noise and move by themselves just like Rufus and Kaya.  And I think I’ll get a scooter like Strawberry Shortcake so I can drive to my cafe.  Actually, I think our house will turn into my cafe on my birthday.  Ok?  How does that sound?”


The girls ask if they can watch The Little Mermaid, so I decide this is the perfect opportunity to work on a discussion post for my class.

“Mama, what are you doing on your ca-puter?”


“What kind of homework?”

“I’m writing an answer to a question.”

“What question?”

“It’s a question about teaching kids who speak a different language.”

“MOM. I need you to tell me the words of the question.”

“Ummmm…what are the implications for Krashen’s hypotheses and Collier’s prism model?”

“Ok.  That sounds good.  Can you get me some fresh, cold water?”

No homework was completed during the course of this film.


“Mooooooooooooommmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy!  We’re hungry!  We’re starving! Can we have chicken and couscous for dinner?”

I make dinner exactly as requested and set it on the table.

“So, how many bites do I have to take?”


It’s time for our nightly dance party! Listening to our favorite song, “Blank Space”* by Taylor Swift, Charlotte announces that she now knows all the words.

“It’ll leave you breakfast! Or with a nasty car.”

“Gotta love all these blubbers, they’ll tell you I’m the same.”

“Boys only want love if it’s your turn.”

*Both girls think this song is about a baby called Blank Space Baby.  They frequently ask to write her name.


The girls are in bed.  I should be using this time to work on that discussion post, but instead here I am writing about and missing those crazy, goofy, sweet ladies.


A Day In The Life

I’ve seen several people blog or Instagram their days lately, so I thought I’d do it too! And then I decided it would be fun to live blog my day, so I’ll be adding updates as my day goes on.

My day starts with my alarm going off at 6:00, and then I snooze until 6:30. Ok, 6:45. Then I’m up and getting ready for the day.  This is what I look like while I’m doing my hair.


By 7:15, I’m dressed and ready to leave!  I made my poor husband snap pictures of me so you could see my outfit (and my messy kitchen).  I really need a full-length mirror.


Made it to work, and that means it’s time to make a cup of tea. It’s freezing out, and I need a hot cuppa to get my day started.  My husband got me this electric kettle for my birthday, and the adorable print was made by Stephanie!

It’s 9:40 and I’m busy doing what I’ll be doing most of the day — reviewing mini-grants for laptops.


It’s 10:42 and my brain is turning to mush from reading all of these mini-grants. Luckily, Ted chose this exact moment to send some gems from C & E.

It’s noon! Time for lunch. Enjoying some apples with almond butter while I make some headway on this really good, but dense, book.

It’s 1:38 . Got through some more mini-grants, but taking a break from that to explore some new apps. This is Endless Reader, an awesome new app from the makers of Endless ABC.

Mondays mean dance class, so at 3:15 I run out of work so that I can get home in time to get the girls ready.  Can’t forget the fundraising form and money!

This is the face of a mom who has spent the past two hours changing two kids for dance, loading and unloading kids from the car, changing kids back into regular clothes….and then into fairy costumes. So, 5:45 means it’s time to hide in the pantry eating cookies before I make the girls’ dinner.

Juggling dishes and toddler dinner at 6:15. Evelyn is eating, but Charlotte is actively ignoring everything on her plate. Oh how I love toddler dinner. Wait…can I still call them toddlers?

It’s 7:20 and the girls & I are snuggled up reading stories before bed.


The girls went down to bed at 7:30. I picked up, vacuumed, and followed up on some emails for work. It’s now 8:15 and time for dinner! Samosas are my favorite thing to eat when Ted closes. So, samosas and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries it is.

After this dinner break, I’ll probably do a little more work, try and up my step count for the day, and read until I fall asleep.

So that’s a day in my life. Thrilling, huh?

Is This Thing On?

My mind has been very full lately, and I’m sure this is what has lead to my recent itch to blog.  It’s been a while, huh?  Tonight, the desire was so strong that I just had to sit down and get some words out.  But then I got stuck…what should I write about?

Should I write about how much I’m learning at my new job?  How it’s crazy and fun and exhausting?  How it makes me wonder if I want to go back to the classroom?

Or should I write about my recently developed crush on Sir Ken Robinson and how I repeatedly watch videos of him on YouTube just to listen to him talk sexy about things like technology and transforming education?

Should I write about my voracious appetite for books and that I can’t stop reading?  Which of the 72 books I’ve read so far this year should I talk about?

Maybe I should write about how this boy said something to me in high school that I still think about regularly?

Or should I write about how my daughters are suddenly three YEARS old and sometimes my mommy heart can’t take how amazing they are?  Or about how sometimes they drive me batshit insane?

Should I write about my recent addiction to colored tights and coffee?

So, I pondered all of these writing possibilities and decided to take a bath instead of writing.  But then I got out of the tub and still wanted to write, so I just wrote all of this nonsense because sometimes you’ve just got to let the words out.

Maybe my next post will be more cohesive…


Ummm, somehow I haven’t posted here since November.  Wow.  So just what have I been up to since then?  Well, lately I’ve been…

…having fun painting my nails.

…drinking a lot of tea.

…dealing with major stress at work, but also bonding with my colleagues because of it.

…battling with two toddlers over naps.  Stop jumping and sleep, girls!

…watching and reading Pretty Little Liars, and getting the TV and book storylines all mixed up in my head.

…ignoring potty training because I just can’t handle it.

…feeling really in control of my anxiety now that I’m taking meds for it.

…putting actual thought into what I wear each day.

…trying to exercise more regularly and semi-succeeding.

…participating in district-level committees on technology and social media and loving the conversations.

…thinking about getting my PhD.

…talking about the Wonder Pets with a pair of obsessed toddlers.

…wishing I could talk to my dad about stress at work.

…wearing my “Keep Calm & Carry a Wand” bracelet every day.

…watching Vampire Diaries, Switched at Birth, Smash, Scandal, Downton Abbey, and basically all of the shows.

…wanting to blog more, but always pushing it to the bottom of my list.

I miss you, blog friends!  What have you been up to lately?

Monday Musings

Why don’t more places have double carts?  Not those giant, car shaped monstrosities.  Just regular double carts.  Costco has them.  Sam’s has them.  One of our local grocery stores has them.  Why not Target?  They don’t take up that much space, and not nearly as much space as those giant crazy carts.  People need double carts!  I’m going to start a letter-writing campaign.

When I tell people that my girls are going to be witches for Halloween, I get a lot of blank stares.  I get the impression that people wanted me to pick something cuter.  A lot of people want the girls to be owls…but they were owls last year.  This year, they will be witches.  Why?  Because I saw some adorable witch costumes on etsy and decided to make my own.  Trust me when I say that you will still die from the cute.

In just a couple of weeks, I am going to The Blathering.  I’m so excited.  I can’t even tell you how excited I am.  But…I’m also really anxious about leaving the girls.  I’ve never left them overnight before.  Ever.  And I’m kind of freaking out about it.  They will be happy with daddy…but, I’m still anxious.

What’s on your mind today?

Monday Musings…on a Tuesday

I’m trying to make this a regular thing on my blog, mostly to keep me writing.  Since I posted about my summer reading challenge yesterday (get your totals in!), I had to wait to muse until today.

Our car accident this weekend has really left a bad taste in my mouth in terms of humanity.  Bad enough that someone ran a red light and hit us — but, hey, accidents happen.  I really do believe it was just an accident and not someone being an asshole.  But then it took the police forever to respond to the crash, and the officer was more than a little rude to us.  Despite 20+ people witnessing the accident, no one offered their name as a witness or even to help.  The tow truck driver the police called was lecturing me left and right about how what we were doing was stupid…and he called his sleazy body shop owner to the scene to try to drum up our business.  Someone from our insurance agency told us that we should just stand outside the Enterprise and wait for it to open at 8 a.m. the next morning.  Seriously.  This all happened.  But what really gets me is that we spent SIX HOURS on the phone with insurance on Saturday and they couldn’t get our car towed off of lower Wacker for us.  Not five minutes after we hang up the phone a man calls and says, “This is Ahmed, and I have your car.”  He told us that insurance contacted him, blah blah blah, we should go to his brother’s body shop, blah blah blah, it’ll be $95 if we want it towed back by us.  So we paid him $100, because he didn’t have change.  Yeah…our insurance never contacted him.  He got our information off the police report.  Scummy.

Ted and I are watching Smallville for the first time, and I’m really enjoying it!  Why have I never watched this show before?  I’m also loving Drop Dead Diva as my guilty pleasure show when Ted’s not home.

My head is spinning with birthday party ideas for the girls.  I have so much fun planning party and I can’t wait to celebrate their second birthday.

I love, love, love the beginning of the school year.  Everything is so new and full of possibilities.  I love the chance to be a better teacher for my students and to find new ways to help them grow.  Plus, I love school supplies, so yay!

Speaking of school, I should probably go there instead of continuing to write this blog post.  What’s on your mind today?

School’s (Almost) Out For Summer

I have 4.5 days left to work this school year, and then I’m off for the summer. This will only be the second summer since I started teaching that I don’t work, and I can honestly say that I’ve never been so excited to not be working! I am so looking forward to spending the summer with my husband and awesome toddlers. Here’s a taste of what I’m most looking forward to…

  • “Weekends” with my husband!  One of the great things about Trader Joe’s is that Ted gets two days off in a row, so for the first time in our marriage, we have a summer full of mid-week weekends.
  • Reading, reading, and more reading.  Got any good book recommendations?
  • Painting my toenails a new color every week.  It’s the little things in life, right?
  • Lazing in the backyard with my girls.
  • Trips to the zoo, children’s museum, and arboretum.
  • Play dates!
  • Finally finishing up some craft projects.
  • Planning a second birthday party (say what?) for my girls.
  • Sangria and dip with friends.
  • Going to the movies.
  • Not having my alarm go off at 5 a.m.
  • Breathing some life back into this little blog of mine.
  • Oh!  And a family cruise to Alaska in just 19 days!!

What are you up to for the summer?

Sunday Musings v.1

Just some random things on my mind this Sunday…

When I finish an ebook from the library, I return it within minutes of finishing it.  I often wonder if other people do the same, or if they hang on to the book until it expires.  Now, if I was checking out paper books?  They’d never be returned in a timely fashion!

Until this week, I’d never had chicken pot pie before.  It was quite the shocking announcement on twitter.  Here’s the thing…my mom isn’t the world’s greatest cook, and pot pie was just never something she made.  I’m not a fan of microwaved dinners, so I never bought a frozen pot pie before.  The verdict?  It was yummy, but tasted pretty much exactly how I expected it to taste.  Yes, it was good, but it didn’t rock my world.

I am suffering from a serious case of mom brain.  I can’t remember anything without writing it down, but I often run into this issue where I completely forget what I wanted to write down by the time I get a pen.  I’d really like my brain back, please.

Clipping my toe nails always makes me think of my dad.  When his toenails would get long, I’d tell him how gross they were, and he’d say the clippings would be perfect for making a stew.  Gross, right?  Still, it’s one of those memories that always makes me smile.

I’m sure I’ve shared this story before, but for some reason it’s on my mind lately.  Shortly after we moved into our house, someone knocked on the door around 10:30 at night.  He wore a badge, but was dressed in sandals and pajama pants.  Yeah…he was a bounty hunter looking for the previous owner of our house!  So crazy and random.

Anyhow, that’s what’s going on in my brain today.  What about you?


Lately, I’ve been a bit of a blog slacker, but I thought it might be time for an update.

Lately, I miss my girls every second I’m away from them because I adore toddlerhood…even when it’s completely exasperating.  It’s amazing to watch their skills blossom, and I love the constant toddler chatter.  “Mama, mama, shoes, socks, go-go!” I have such a blast with these girls, and we can do so many things together now.  I love coloring and playing outside and reading books and snuggling.  I don’t so much love the screaming bloody murder that accompanies bath time all of a sudden, but the rest of it I’m pretty fond of.

Lately, I’ve been happily spending my Friday nights in bed.  Pizza, Switched at Birth, and lumping sans pants.  It’s all kinds of perfect.

Lately, I haven’t been sleeping well.  It’s been a little over 10 months since I lost my dad, and apparently it’s that time in my grief process where I dream about the day he died pretty much every night.  I dream about things I wish I’d said to him or things I wish he’d been able to say to me.  I dream that I am him and that it’s me who dies.  I even have dreams about his flesh rotting from his face.  So yeah.  Sleep is not my friend these days.

Lately, I’ve been very excited about a new endeavor that Stephanie and I are taking on.  We have both become certified Signing Time instructors and plan to teach sign classes in our area.  Since I have just loved signing with my girls, I’m so excited to have the chance to teach other parents to sign with their babies and toddlers.  Plus, I’m a huge fan of Signing Time, so it’s awesome to have that affiliation as well.

Lately, I’ve been in a reading slump.  I’m still reading several books a month (and maybe I’ll even get a post up about them soon), and I’m reading books I enjoy but…slowly.  My brain is just so tired that I can’t focus on reading.

Lately, I’ve been feeling very grateful that my husband is who he is.  He’s just a great husband and a wonderful father.  I read so many facebook posts and tweets about husbands who barely spend time with their kids or never help out with the dishes, and I’m so grateful that that isn’t our life.  I get to live my life with my best friend and our two beautiful daughters.  What could be better?

What’s happening in your world lately?

Ten on Tuesday

It’s time for Ten on Tuesday again…and I’m actually getting around to participating this week.  Yay me!  Thanks to Chelsea for hosting and to Sarah for the questions.

1. Do you do laundry all at the same time or a load here and there?

It used to be that we did laundry on the weekend.  Sunday was a pretty big laundry day.  Then we went and had twins, so we do laundry all the time.  It’s less frequent now that we aren’t going through 6 outfits and 14 bibs in a day, but we still almost always have laundry going in some stage…even if it’s just a gigantic pile waiting to be folded.

2. What kind of detergent do you use?

We use the Up & Up (Target brand) free and clear.  We use it for everything…yes, even baby clothes.

3. Do you use fabric softener?

Nope.  No idea how to use it either.  I just remember those commercials where the animated lady ran to the washer screaming, “I forgot to add the fabric softener!”  Seems like too much fuss for me.

4. Do you use dryer sheets?

Yup.  When I remember to throw them in.

5. Do you iron your own clothes or take them to a cleaner to get pressed?


Seriously, though, neither.  I just realized that our iron was missing a few weeks ago when I needed it to make Harry Potter shirts.  I’m pretty sure it broke well over a year ago and we got rid of it.  We fluff things in the dryer because we are classy like that.

6. Do you like heavy starch or light starch?

Ummmmm?  No starch?

7. Do you wash all your laundry at once or separate it?

Depends.  If I have enough to make two loads, I’ll separate.  Otherwise it just all goes in.

8. How do you separate it? By people or by colors?

Sometimes by colors, sometimes by big people/baby clothes.

9. What clothes get hung up and what goes in drawers?

My underwear, socks, and pajamas are in drawers.  I have a lot of folded pants and sweaters in the closet.  My shirts hang.  Ted’s underwear, socks, and t-shirts are in drawers.  His pants are folded in the closet and his shirts hang.  The girls have their shares of folded/hanging clothes too.

10. Do you use plastic, wire, or wooden hangers? Do they all match?

Cheap plastic hangers.  They definitely do not all match.

All of this laundry talk is making me feel like I should go wash some clothes.  Oy.