Happiness is…

…a cup of tea in my favorite mug.

…tiny arms wrapped around my neck.

…starting a new book.

…being the one who can kiss it and make it all better.

…fuzzy socks on chilly toes.

…a husband who quotes Gilmore Girls.

…freshly painted nails.

…dance parties with 3-year-olds.

…friends who are never more than a text away.

…peaceful nap times to help me unwind.

…little girls who share their crackers.

…a husband who always makes my lunch, even after almost 10 years of marriage.

…waking up to new adventures at work or at home every single day.

…sweet, sleeping little girls.

…my lovely, simple, oh so full life.

Things You Might Not Know About Me

I love to quote movies and TV shows. I almost always have a quote in my head, but I rarely say them because I figure no one will know what I’m talking about. “If the world ends…beep me.”

My first real boyfriend was a boy I met online. In the Seventeen Magazine chatroom. Back in my AOL days. Seriously. And no, he wasn’t some 40-year-old creeper. I actually met him. He came to visit and stayed at my house. I went to San Francisco to visit him. Alone. I still can’t believe my parents let me do that…

My freshman year of college, I was in a play called “The Love Talker.” I played this earthy, fairy creature type thing. I didn’t have any lines, but I got to creep around the audience with crazy hair and make-up.

When I’m sick, I really love to eat McDonald’s. Greasy, nasty, not even real food McDonald’s. There is nothing I love more when I have a cold.

After college, Ted and I were supposed to join the Peace Corps. Not just thinking about it, we had actually applied, were accepted, and had assignments. It fell through and that remains one of my life’s biggest disappointments. You can read about it here.

I have a serial killer room in my house. It was here when we moved in. I mean, I don’t think anyone was actually killed in there, but it’s super creepy. We have this “room” in our basement with black fabric covering all of the walls. See:


It just feels like the kind of room where a serial killer would keep a victim before he killed her. There are even little, weird touches like flowers on the window. Creeeeeeeepy.


What don’t I know about you?

Happy Halloween!









Happy Halloween from my two little witches!

Monday Musings

Since it’s Columbus Day, I’m off work.  Lucky me!  And lucky you since I’ve decided to use some of my extra time to pay attention to my little piece of the internet.  Here’s what I’m thinking about today…

Yesterday I was at Target with the girls.  I’m pushing them in the stroller and chatting away while we shot.  I was verbally contemplating which can of pumpkin we should buy when a woman asked me who I was talking to.  “I’m talking to my daughters.”  She looked at me like I was nuts.  In their giant double stroller, the girls certainly aren’t invisible, so I can only guess she thought that talking to kids was crazy.  I can’t be the crazy one in this situation…right?  Do you talk to your kids while you shop?  Isn’t it weird NOT to talk to them?

I don’t wash my face.  At least not regularly.  I have some face wash that I use in the shower on rare occasions, and I splash water on my face every morning, but other than that I don’t wash my face.  I also don’t use moisturizer and I hardly ever wear any kind of make-up.  I feel like I’m missing the face care gene.

Twitter has turned me into an over-punctuator.  I’m suddenly a big fan of the ??? or !!! at the end of a sentence.  Sometimes I start with !, then move to !!, and then all the way to !!!.  Clearly, this expreses my increased excitement, right?  RIGHT???  I think it’s the 140 character limit that does it.  I feel the need to try and convey my tone of voice by over-punctuating everything I say.

The girls have reached an age where they miss me when I go to work, and it breaks my heart.  Charlotte starts crying and clinging to me when I put her to bed at night, and I know it’s because she knows she won’t see me unti after nap the next day.  I know that working is good for me and for our family, but having Charlotte get all weepy because she misses me just shatters me.

I’m in the middle of reading Nurture Shock right now, and I’m so fascinated by this book!  It’s not a parenting book, but rather a book that highlights various developmental studies on things like why parents don’t talk about race and why children lie.  Maybe it’s just because I’m a child development nerd, but I’m eating it up.  Even though it’s full of data, it’s not dry at all, and I love that each chapter focuses on something new…though I wish sometimes the chapters didn’t end so abruptly.

What’s on your mind today?


The one constant thought in my mind since waking up yesterday is that something has to change.

These shootings are becoming commonplace. We live in the United States and we are subjected to frequent terrorist attacks in our own backward. In our schools. Our movie theaters.

Someone buys a weapon designed to kill people and murders our friends, our parents, our children.

How is this a common occurrence? How can we allow this to keep happening?

The thing is…if we don’t do something, it is going to keep happening.

I’m not educated enough about gun control to have an intelligent discussion about it, but I’m human enough to know that something has to change.

Whatever this is, it isn’t freedom.


Edited to add:  I just want to be clear.  I am not anti-gun.  I do not have a problem with people owning hunting rifles or keeping a pistol in their nightstand.  It’s not for me, but it’s not my place to make those decisions for other people.  I do have a problem with assault rifles being as accessible as they are.  What is the purpose of a civilian owning an assault rifle?  I realize this is a sticky situation and it’s difficult to draw the line, but I think it’s time to seriously think about drawing that line.


This past week has been extremely stressful and overwhelming for me.  To say I’m struggling is an understatement.

I’m struggling to find balance between work life and home life.

I’m struggling to be truly present while I’m at work.

I’m struggling with feeling lonely and left out at work since I no longer have time to chat or do fun things with people at work.

I’m struggling to figure out how to get all of my work done in the short hour of time I now have before school.

I’m struggling to figure out how to communicate with a new boss who doesn’t respond to e-mail.

I’m struggling with a new pumping schedule and the fact that I’ll need to start supplementing with formula soon.

I’m struggling with feeling guilty about slowing down my pumping schedule.

I’m struggling with trying to find time to do things like take a shower when they now take time away from being with my girls.

I’m struggling with figuring out how to be a mom when I’m away from my daughters for 7 hours a day.

I’m struggling with being a good wife and communicating my needs with my husband.

I’m struggling with trying to have the first Christmas I want for the girls while realizing that I can’t do it all.

I’m struggling with finding the time to send Christmas cards, buy gifts, and decorate the tree.

I’m struggling with balance, and it’s completely overwhelming me.

Things I’m Wondering Today

How many Shamrock Shakes is too many to have in a week?

What am I supposed to do for two weeks until my next doctor’s appointment?

How do I get Neil Patrick Harris to come and hang out with me?

Why can’t people on Formspring just be nice?

Why is there so much contradictory information about how to have a healthy pregnancy?

Where am I going to store my classroom this summer?

Why do I feel like I’m playing hookey when I just left work for a doctor’s appointment?

How did I get to be so incredibly lucky?

What are you wondering today?

Things I’m Wondering Today

What’s the deal with John Mayer?  Why do people like him?

Why do both of my ink cartridges always go out at the same time?

Why does the ink for my crappy work printer cost 3 times as much as the ink for my fancy home printer?

Why do so many adults I know think that using the silent treatment is an effective way to solve a problem?

Why are bras so expensive?

Why do awesome hair care products have to cost so much?

What should I wear for picture day?

Is it time for a blog redesign?

How did I not know about the fabulousness of How I Met Your Mother until recently?

Do people really think that Edward is a sexier vampire than Angel?  Really???

What are you wondering today?